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11 bacteria in the water We Drink a day today

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As always on this occasion I will got back provides a health article that might be a good reference for you and your family in the running of pla healthy living
in everyday. Basically any type of water we drink in everyday life is actually already ascertained to contain bacteria and protozoa. But bacteria will be deemed not dangerous if the numbers are still below the normal threshold.

Here we pass-11 bacteria in the water We Drink a day today.

11 bacteria in the water We Drink a day today
1. Salmonella Enterica Enterica Salmonella is a genus of bacteria that are a major cause of foodborne diseases worldwide. The bacteria is commonly transmitted to humans through the consumption of contaminated foods that come from animals, poultry, eggs and dairy products, especially meat.

2. Legionella Pneumophila
Legionella pneumophila  these include gram-negative, rod-shaped, not ferment D-glucose, cannot reduce nitrates into nitrites. These bacteria colonies the fertile life stuck in the pipes of rubber and plastics which mossy and hold the chlorine with chlorine concentrations 2 ¬ 6 mg/l. Legionella can live at a temperature between 5 ° C – 65 ° C and the lush life at a temperature of 30 ° C – 45 ° C

3.Naegleria fowleri 
Naegleria fowleri is known to the characteristics of the so-called amebaflagellata, that has the shape of flagellated ameboiddan in his life. Its life cycle is composed of stadium trophozoit (ameboid and flagellated) which are motile and non-motile cysts and resistant. Ameboid forms are the forms Trophozoit only found in humans. Rhizopus stolonifer
is one of a kind of fungi Zygomycotina. This type of mushroom has a short Hypha branches and serves as the root (rizoid) to attach the self as well as absorb substances that required from the substrate.

4. Chaetomium sp
 Chaetomium spp. spores not too dangerous, even though in some cases they can cause infection, known as phaeohyphomycosis. They also can cause hazard for people allergic to Spore, and even that usually only happens with chronic exposure.

5. Rhizopus stolonifer
In addition, there are also sporangiofor (Hypha that stuck out into the air and contain many of the cell nucleus, at the ends of leaf tissue is formed (as producing spores), and there is a stolon (Hypha which diameter is greater than the rizoid and sporangiofor

6. Escherichia Coli 
Escherichia coli is one of the types of bacteria that normally live in the digestive tract of the human good or healthy animals. The name of this bacteria taken from the name of a be bacteriologically originating from Germani i.e. THEODOR VON ESCHERICH.
Theodor v. E managed to do the isolation of bacteria was first in 1885. He also managed to prove that diarrhea and gastroenteritis that occurred in infant, caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli.

7. Anabaena sp
Anabaena is a genus of filamentous green algae or cyanobakteria-blue, found as plankton. Anabaena is known to play a role in menfiksasi of nitrogen, and Anabaena forming symbiotic relationship with certain plants such as pakupakuan.
there is one of the four genera of cyanobacteria that produce a neurotoxin, which harm local wildlife as well as farm animals and pets. Certain species of Anabaena have been used in rice cultivation, as well as a provider of effective natural fertilizer.


Cryptosporidium is a Protozoan pathogen of the Apicomplexa and causes a diarrheal disease disebutcryptosporidiosis. Types of Apicomplexan parasites Plasmodium other pathogens (malaria) and Toxoplasma (toxoplasmosis).

This vector is able to complete its life cycle in one host, so kistanya is issued along with the dirt and be able to rub off onto a new host. 

9. Copepods   
Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in the sea and in almost all freshwater habitats and they form the largest source of protein in the ocean. Many species are plankton, but also many species of benthos and some continental This species is a species that live in limno-terrestrial habitats and other wet terrestrial, such as swamps and other damp places

10. Rotifers
are microscopic Rotifers animals of Division of Rotifers. Rotifers can be found in various environments and fresh water. Rotifers are also often found on mosses and lichens that grow on tree trunks and rock
. Other characteristics:

• animal Is cosmopolitan. 
• Numerous freshwater
• known as wheel animacules (wheeled animal)
• Size of 40 micrometers – 2.5 mm, an average of 200 micrometers.
• Live solitary, sessile, colonial and 
• Body color transparent, due to the color of the digestive tract (green, red, and Brown).

coliform is bacteria turned out to be in the soda you drink kind of coliform bacteria that are normally found in human waste (Feces) has detected 48% on drink soda. And from the observations using a microscope have shown the number of bacterial colonies larger than 500 cfu/ml. it is a fact that astounding soda health, i.e., the amount of which is capable of triggering a variety of ailments related to the intestines and can cause an
uncomfortable reaction in the intestines. 

Thus a simple article about a variety of bacteria that are present in our everyday drink. Best wishes for a fruitful experience and can be a healthy reference for you and your family.  

types of sports that are able to make the body become high

types sport to make become high- Want to have a body that is high enough? If your answer is correct, you should be diligent to do exercise and eat healthy and nutritious food on a regular basis. For those of you who currently have a height that is less than Ideal alias less high-certainly this is a situation that will make you a little embarrassed in doing intercourse everyday. Has a body that is less high indeed sometimes makes you confident when not hanging out, especially when you meet with your Idol who turns out to have a higher body posture and very charming. Waw ... ... ... .... I'm ashamed .... (kidding) never entered into the liver. But if your current state is already able to make you feel comfortable and enjoy, yaa ... no problem, because according to my personal confidence that comes when the mindset in our brains constantly with gratitude towards all the circumstances we have.

types of sports that are able to make the body become high

In fact there have been many medicinal products as well as potions that offer to acquire the ideal height and the maximum, but sometimes all there is no reaction or any result for us. Even sometimes the side effects are caused not rarely makes its customers, thus instead of complaining and experiencing new problems.

To obtain the ideal height, maximum and healthy actually lots of ways that can be taken, you don't need to spend a lot of money to simply buy the drug and herb to exalt Agency, however, you are only required to diligently do sport regularly. Yes ... the sport regularly, you're not wrong read.
Well ... here it is, the kind of sport that could be you or your girlfriend so
higher. Read carefully and please they are good luck.

Run a sprint or Sprint distance/short-haul apparently can help increase height you know. Because it turns out with often do run sprints regularly and routinely can unleash growth hormone and legs will become stronger. This kind of exercise actually has a shoulder injury that certainly passable obstacle height, because if you do you will too often injured. His tips are, do simple movements or warming up before you do sport sprint, this is to let you escape from minor injuries that are not expected to

Refers from the name alone, it's clear that to do this kind of sports you demanded to do many jumps. Because it turns out that jumping is a very powerful natural methods to increase height of a person. With often do leap engineering leg muscles will terstimulasi or will always do a refresh automatically.

Sport this one is indeed quite good, especially if it is done in the morning will make up your mind to be more healthy and fresh as well as your heart beat becomes more regular and healthy. In addition to the fun and healthy, it turns out that cycling can be one of the natural therapy to increase height, in fact the reason is quite simple, when moving your feet pedaling the pedals on the bike, your feet will otok is very terstimulasi and can make your height will grow faster naturally. To get maximum results, please do this sport preferably with a minimum of 10 minutes up to 15 minutes a day

recommended for people who want to increase height. This way is considered as the most effective way in increase height, swim is able to make your body becomes more flexible. To get maximum results, please do this with sports swimming breaststroke at least 20-30 minutes per day and do routinely. Swim the language, if young children are playing sports, water is a very to increase your height.

If you have a hobby of kick, then this type of sports you can continue and develop. Because the kick turned out to be able to also be used as a reference to reach the maximum height. When kicking, preparation will be pliable and hormone on the joints will be able to work better. With often do the kicks will be able to help the shins and thighs you will become more long
to avoid injuries and things that are not desirable, then it should do by way of kicking technique was good and true. the trick is simply to stand with feet wide then lift up one leg and then do a kick repeatedly. Repeat approximately 10 to 50 kicks on one foot and a foot switch on the other.

In sports, there are many techniques of jumping movement inside. Concentration and muscle strength in the legs will be one of the primary capital in this type of sport. Therefore it is believed and could be a good reference for you to make the body become higher

Just as with the sport of basketball, the sport also need power on the footstool and used his pace to reach the ball. Because of that this sport can also be a solution for those of you who want to increase height.How, what, you're ready to start the routine
sport? Please first determined which kind of exercise, good and you like, in order to be later able to give a positive effect especially for health